Sunday, September 25, 2016

Britain's MI6 Spy Chief Says Islamist Terrorist Threat Is Here To Stay offers a piece on the British intelligence chief, Alex Younger (seen above in his official photo) stating that the Islamist terrorist threat will endure for some time in the future.

The Islamist terrorist threat to the West will endure for years to come because simply taking back territory from Islamic State will not solve the deeper global fractures which have fostered militants, Britain's foreign intelligence chief has said.
In his first public comments outside Britain, the head of the Secret Intelligence Service said globalization, the information revolution, a deepening sectarian divide in the Middle East and failed states would ensure that terrorism remained a threat.

When asked by the Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan at a panel discussion in Washington whether the apex of the Islamist terrorist trajectory had been reached, MI6 chief Alex Younger said: "Regrettably this is an enduring issue which will certainly be with us for our professional lifetime."
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