Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sifting Truth From Lies: An Interview With Mark Bowden, Author Of True Crime Book, 'The Last Stone'

Publisher’s Weekly offers an interview with Mark Bowden, the author of a new true crime book, The Last Stone.  

In Bowden’s The Last Stone (Atlantic Monthly, Apr.), detectives try to find out what happened to 13-year-old Katherine and 11-year-old Sheila Lyon, sisters who vanished from a Maryland mall in 1975.

What surprised you the most about how the case unfolded?

The duration and difficulty of the interrogation was far beyond anything I imagined, and it fascinated me. With no physical evidence and, initially, no witnesses, every bit of information about the crime had to come from the suspect himself. And the suspect, Lloyd Welch, was so compulsive a liar that his behavior bordered on comical. He also had every reason in the world not to tell the truth. Building the case against him meant traveling down a long path of deliberate untruths, stories designed to mislead. The detectives had to somehow sift the truth from a mountain of lies.

You can read the rest of the interview via the below link: 

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