Friday, November 13, 2020

In Light Of Recent Events, A Look Back At The 1972 Cop Film, 'The New Centurions'

On Joseph Wambaugh’s Facebook Page, the former LAPD detective sergeant and best-selling author of classic police novels and true crime books offers a clip from the 1972 movie, The New Centurions, which was based on his 1971 novel. 

“In light of all the recent events (decriminalizing certain laws, de-funding the police), this bar conversation from a 50-year-old movie, "The New Centurions”, has meaning today,” Joseph Wambaugh wrote on his page.

You can watch the clip via the below link:

You can visit Joseph Wambaugh’s Facebook Page via the below link:

And you can read my Q&A with Joseph Wambaugh via the below link:  

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