Friday, November 6, 2020

Babylon Bee: Miracle: Ballot Counter Turns 5 Biden Votes Into 5,000

 The Babylon Bee takes a satirical shot at the presidential election.

DETROIT, MI—In an event Democrats can only describe as miraculous, a ballot counter has turned an offering of only 5 humble ballots into 5,000 votes for Biden. Poll workers and Biden voters are celebrating the miracle which could put Biden over the top in their state.

According to witnesses, a little boy brought 5 absentee ballots into the counting center in the early morning hours after Election Day. Within a few hours, those 5 votes had turned into 5,000. Sources say that Democrat disciples even filled 12 baskets with the leftover ballots. 

"It's a miracle," said one election supervisor. "This is irrefutable evidence that God wants Biden to win!" 

You can read the rest of the humor piece via the below link: 

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