Thursday, March 18, 2021

Fox News: Left-Wing Philly DA Cut Deals With Violent Criminals Represented By Campaign Donors

Houston Keene at Fox News offers a piece on Larry Krasner (seen in the above photo), the anti-cop Philly DA. 

Philadelphia’s left-wing district attorney cut plea deals with violent criminals that were being represented by lawyers who donated to the DA’s campaign, city financial records revealed. 

Multiple Philadelphia attorneys reached plea deals with Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner while defending violent criminals after they had donated to Krasner's campaign. 

Attorneys Michael Coard and Daniel Stevenson oversaw the controversial 2018 plea deal between two cop killers – Carlton Hipps and Ramone Williams – and the city where the two career criminals avoided the death penalty.

City financial records revealed that the two attorneys donated a combined $2,700 to Krasner's 2017 campaign to become Philly's top cop – $2,500 from Coard and $200 from Stevenson. 

The officer, Sgt. Robert Wilson III, was killed by the criminals in 2015 during their robbery attempt at a GameStop, where the late officer was buying his son a gift. Wilson moved bystanders to safety while he engaged the criminals, giving his life in the exchange caught on video. 

You can read the rest of the piece via the below link:

Left-wing Philly DA cut deals with violent criminals represented by campaign donors | Fox News 

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