Thursday, March 4, 2021

Targeting Krasner: My Philadelphia Weekly 'Crime Beat' Column On The Protect Our Police PAC's Opposition To Philly's Anti-Cop DA

Philadelphia Weekly ran my Crime Beat column on Nick Gerace and his Protect Our Police PAC, which is targeting Philadelphia's anti-cop DA, Larry Krasner.

You can read the column via the below link or via the below pages:

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  1. Review case number CP 51 CR 0010501- 2016.
    Larry Krasner as D.A was ok with 11 and half months house arrest for aggravated assault with deadly weapon. There a video of this assault.
    Larry krasner knew that the assailant aunt was a polive officer that worked with judge Mia Perez husband LIEUTENANT Pablo Perez. And arrange for this extremely low sentence for shon Phillips. Larry krasner refuse to appeal the sentence.
    Criminal friendly. Larry krasner was informed about shon Phillips violent acts against other handicap people at the inglis house.
    Larry krasner office said that being that the guy didn't have any prior convictions he must have been crazy when he stabbed wade booth in his head with a knife sharpener and a screwdriver six times.
    The guy had previously acts of violence covered up by his aunt whom reported when will Quiones. Called the police on shon Phillips several times. This all can be verified
    TIMOTHY BOOTH email me.