Monday, March 1, 2021

A Story Of Kidnapping, Spousal Resentment And Betrayal: My Washington Times Review Of 'The Power Couple'

 The Washington Times published my review of Alex Berenson’s The Power Couple. 

“Marriage is a mirror,” Alex Berenson writes in the prologue of his novel, “The Power Couple.”

“Your spouse, the first person you see when you open your eyes. The last person you touch as you slip into bed. The person who knows you better than anyone else. Who shares your public joys and private sorrows. Who beds you and you alone. Who makes children with you and builds those children into adults.


“How it’s meant to be, anyway. The deal you made. Both of you. Call your spouse your best friend, if you must. Your partner. Really your spouse is your reflection. That face, always there.

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