Sunday, March 1, 2015

Are Women Hardwired To Love Thrillers?

Rebecca Whitney at the British newspaper the Telegraph offers a piece on women who love thrillers and crime fiction.

Thrillers, it seems, are everywhere. They dominate our cinema screens. They jostle for space in our Kindles. And they steal into our homes – the phenomenal success of House of Cards, the third series of which was released this week, is testament to that. Frank Underwood and his wife Claire are fast becoming the greatest super villains of our TV age.

Our thirst for thrillers goes unabated – especially in written form. Paula Hawkins's novel The Girl on the Train has topped the UK and US bestseller lists. While Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl has apparently become the 25th bestselling book of all time.
The genre sells about 21 million books every year in the UK alone. (Which, as a thriller writer myself, makes me feel pretty chuffed). What’s more, the majority of thriller readers are women.
A Sisters in Crime survey in 2010 found that 68 per cent of people who read thrillers were women. While, another study from the same year discovered that female fiction fans read thriller/crime novels at a higher rate than men (57 per cent to 39 per cent). It was the most popular genre for both genders.    

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