Monday, October 19, 2015

'Goodfellas' Heist case Could Be Last Old-School Mafia Trial

Selim Algar at the New York Post offers a piece on the trial of New York gangster Vincent Asaro.

Accused “Goodfellas” mobster Vincent Asaro personally handed off a case stuffed with jewelry from the infamous 1978 Lufthansa heist to future Bonanno boss Joey Massino, a witness testified Monday as the first ever trial in the long unsolved crime got underway in Brooklyn federal court.
Veteran mafia snitch Salvatore “Good Lookin’ Sal” Vitale took riveted jurors inside the more than $6 million heist that gained legendary status after its depiction in Martin Scorsese’s 1990 film.
“When Joe got in the car he had the case that Vinny gave him,” Vitale testified. “He had it in his lap…He opened up the case and he showed me all kinds of chains and he said ‘this is from the Lufthansa score.’”
Later that day, Vitale went to Massino’s Queens house and was shown a portion of the breathtaking haul.
... Vitale, now in the witness protection program, casually told jurors of his associations with major mob figures including former Gambino boss John Gotti.
His gripping recollections of the heist kicked off what could be the last old-school New York City mafia trial in history.
The Lufthansa job has festered as one of the longest, most notorious unsolved crimes in history.
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