Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Patrick McGoohan's Secret Agent (AKA Danger Man): The Complete Series DVD To Be Released On December 9th

Spy thrillers were the big thing in the 1960s when I was a teenager.

I was watching Sean Connery as Ian Fleming's iconic character James Bond at the movies and on TV I was watching Patrick McGoohan as John Drake in Secret Agent.

For those of you from my generation who may wish to recapture their youth by watching John Drake in action again, or for younger viewers who have never seen Patrick McGoohan's classic TV spy drama, Shout Factory announced that they will be releasing Secret Agent: The Complete Series on DVD on December 9th.

Shout Factory offers the below synopsis:

“Every government has its secret service branch. America, CIA; France,Deuxième Bureau; England, MI5. NATO also has its own. A messy job? Well that's when they usually call on me or someone like me. Oh yes, my name is Drake, John Drake.”

Patrick McGoohan (The Prisoner) stars as John Drake in Secret Agent, the popular television series from the Golden Age of Spy Thrillers, the 1960s. Travelling the world to capture international criminals, John Drake rarely solved problems with a gun, preferring to use charm and wit over violence to bring in the bad guys.

Encompassing all 86 episodes from its successful broadcast run, Secret Agent (known in the United Kingdom as Danger Man) is an essential addition to the collection of any fan of the spy game.      

I purchased a Secret Agent DVD set last year and over the course of the year I watched all of the Secret Agent episodes.

Patrick McGoohan is terrific as the cool and resourceful British agent. Secret Agent is an intelligent and clever show that holds up very well after all these years.

Note: You can read Patrick McGoohan's obituary in the Los Angeles Times via the below link:

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