Thursday, January 21, 2016

After Putin Ordered MURDER On British Streets David Cameron Admits He Has To Deal With The Russians - But Only With A 'Very Cold Heart' In A Diplomatic Stand-Off As Moscow Refuses To Hand Over The Litvinenko Assassins

The British newspaper the Daily Mail offers a piece on a report that accuses Russian leader VladimirPutin of ordering the murder of Alexander Litvinko in the UK.

A public inquiry into the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko prompted a furious diplomatic row between Britain and Russia today after the independent probe said President Putin had 'probably' personally authorised the 2006 killing.

Mr Litvinenko - who had accused the Russian president on his death bed - was killed by two FSB spies who slipped radioactive polonium 210 into his tea pot at a Mayfair hotel in central London, Sir Robert Owen said today in a major report.

Prime Minister David Cameron today said the report outlined what happened was 'absolutely appalling' but he admitted the Syria crisis meant Britain had to have a relationship with Russia albeit one with 'clear eyes and a cold heart'.

You can read the rest of the piece, view photos and watch a video clip via the below link:

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