Wednesday, January 13, 2016

FBI investigating Shooting Of Philadelphia Police Officer As Act Of Terrorism

Fox News offers a piece on the FBI investigating the attempted murder of Philadelphia Police Officer Jesse Hartnett as an act of terrorism.

The FBI is investigating the ambush shooting of a Philadelphia police officer last week as an act of terrorism, Director James Comey said Wednesday.
Comey was attending an event in Pittsburgh when he was asked to comment on the Philadelphia mayor’s indication the shooting may have just been a crime of violence. 
Comey indicated he couldn’t comment on what the mayor said, but that the agency was investigating the incident as an act of terrorism. 
He added that ISIS has been "crowd-sourcing terrorism," using social media to encourage violence and its message "tends to resonate with troubled souls."
On Sunday, police in Philadelphia said they were investigating a tip that a man charged in the ambush shooting of Officer Jesse Hartnett is connected to a radical group that may continue to pose a threat to officers.
You can read the rest of the piece and watch a news video clip via the below link:

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