Monday, January 11, 2016

Philly Female Tipster: Threat To Police Is Not Over

The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that according to a female tipster the threat to Philadelphia police officers continues even after the capture of the alleged shooter of Philly Police Officer Jesse Hartnett.

A woman approached a Philadelphia police officer anonymously Saturday night to warn that officers were in danger because three "radical" associates of confessed gunman Edward Archer's were at large.

Police officials, taking the tip seriously as they worked with federal authorities to verify it, ordered patrol officers to go out with partners until further notice.

Archer is charged with attempted murder and related crimes in the Thursday night ambush of Officer Jesse Hartnett, who was patrolling at 60th and Spruce Streets when a man dressed in a long white tunic rushed at his patrol car, firing more than a dozen bullets from a 9mm Glock at point-blank range. Hartnett, his arm fractured from three gunshot wounds and bleeding profusely, fired back, hitting his assailant once in the buttocks.

Police said the gunman, 30, confessed to the attack "in the name of Islam." The weapon he used had been stolen from another police officer's home.

The Philadelphia Police Counterterrorism Unit and the FBI were investigating allegations from the tipster that the man who shot Hartnett was associated with a small group of men with radical beliefs, and warned that "the threat to police is not over."

Specifically, she said there were three other men, more "radical" in their beliefs than Archer.

Police spokesman Lt. John Stanford said the department and federal agencies take such information seriously.

You can read the rest of the piece via the below link:
Note: The above photo of the ISIS-inspired shooter firing into Officer Hartnett's patrol car was released by the Philadelphia Police Department.  

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