Saturday, December 24, 2016

CIA, NSA Missed Warning Signs Of Snowden Betrayal

Veteran national security reporter Bill Gertz offers a piece at the Free Beacon on a congressional report on NSA leaker, spy and traitor Edward Snowden (seen in the above photo).

Both the CIA and National Security Agency missed warning signs that renegade contractor Edward Snowden was a disgruntled worker who would eventually steal 1.5 million secret documents, according to a congressional study made public Thursday.
Snowden, who fled to Moscow after publicizing some of the documents through left-wing journalists, also “has had, and continues to have contact with Russian intelligence services” and voiced admiration for China during his brief career at the CIA and then NSA.
A declassified and redacted report by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence concluded that Snowden’s actions resulted in the Obama’s administration’s most damaging intelligence failure.
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