Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ian Rankin To Frederick Forsyth At Edinburgh Book Festival: Is 'The Outsider' A Memoir Or A Thriller?

Allan Alstead at offers offers a piece on writers Ian Rankin and Frederick Forsyth at the Edinburgh Book Festival.

Ian Rankin introduced Frederick Forsyth to the packed house by wondering if his new book 'The Outsider' was actually a new thriller or Forsyth's autobiography?
Forsyth replied that for it to be a 'proper' autobiography would have entailed a great deal of research and this seemed rather a boring requirement to him so, therefore, it was actually a 'life story' where he started at zero and went on to seventy five. He said that he had been through it and the only person living to whom he had been rude was one in a care home! On this basis he felt that he could go for publication!
Ian Rankin said that what he had done and what he had achieved by the age of twenty four was absolutely remarkable as by that age he, Rankin, had not yet left university. But Forsyth had travelled, become an RAF pilot and seen the world, been part of a Hunter squadron and had then become a journalist with Reuters working from Berlin.
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