Sunday, January 24, 2021

Semper Cop: Happy Belated 84th Birthday To Joseph Wambaugh

Happy belated birthday to Joseph Wambaugh, the former LAPD detective sergeant and author of classic true crime and cop novels who turned 84 on January 22nd. 

Over the years, I've interviewed Joseph Wambaugh several times and I've reviewed many of his outstanding books.   

You can read my Philadelphia Weekly Crime Beat column on Joseph Wambaugh via the below link:

  Love cops? Hate cops? Read Wambaugh - Philadelphia Weekly

You can also read my Washington Times On Crime column on Joseph Wambaugh's The Onion Field via the below link:

 Paul Davis On Crime: My Washington Times On Crime Column: A Look Back At Joseph Wambaugh's 'The Onion Field'

And you can read my long-form Q&A with Joseph Wambaugh via the below link:

Paul Davis On Crime: My Crime Beat Column: Semper Cop, My Q & A With Joseph Wambaugh

And you can read my Philadelphia Inquirer review of Joseph Wambaugh's Hollywood Station below:

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