Saturday, September 19, 2015

Wonders In The Stacks: A New Books Blog From Philadelphia Inquirer Books Editor John Timpane

John Timpane, my editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer, offers a new a blog about books.


Greetings! I’m the Books Editor at The Philadelphia Inquirer. As part of my job, I get to unpack and stack hundreds of books a week on shelves. Not only does this invest enormous, foolishly placed power in me, but also it gives me an advance look at what’s coming up. After each session of ripping and sorting and stacking, I always have a lot of things I want to tell somebody – and nobody to tell. So this humble blog is a way to tell people. If you like to read, and if you’re always wondering what’s good, and what’s coming up, maybe you’ll find some good recommendations here. And, of course, I would love to hear your recommendations for books, new or old. 

You can check out the new blog via the below link: 

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