Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Piece Of The Action

Veteran journalist and author George Anastasia (seen in the above photo) offers his take on why New Jersey should get a piece of the action in sports betting in Jersey Man magazine.

A friend of mine who likes to wager on sporting events has an interesting take on the Super Bowl, a game that arguably attracts more action than any other American athletic contest.
“It’s a chance to get even,” he once told me with a laugh.
Then he paused, shrugged and added, “Or to get even worse.”
He’s been there. So have tens of thousands of others.
Last year the sports book in Vegas took $116 million in bets. The year before it was a record setting $119 million. But those numbers are only a fraction of what is bet on the game. Nobody has an accurate figure because many of the guys taking bets don’t report their business income.
But the total is in the billions. Best estimates are from $3 billion to $5 billion.
... All of this is by way of background because the really big game for New Jersey this year will play out in the federal courthouse in Philadelphia where, on Feb. 17, lawyers for the Garden State will try to convince members of the federal Third Circuit Court of Appeals to allow bookmaking in the state’s casinos and at its racetracks.
New Jersey has been fighting this battle for more than a decade. This may be its last chance.  At issue is the Sports Wagering Act of 2014, a newer version of the Sports Wagering Act of 2012 that the courts struck down.
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