Saturday, February 20, 2016

Umberto Eco's Last Interview

Gaby Wood at the British newspaper the Telegraph offers the last interview with the late Umberto Eco, author of The Name of the Rose and Numero Zero.  

When Dan Brown published The Da Vinci Code in 2003, Umberto Eco didn’t think, as others did, that Brown had ripped off his own earlier bestsellers. Eco went one step further: he took credit for inventing Brown altogether.
Fascinated by arcane mysteries and secret societies, Brown shared all the concerns of Eco’s characters. When the two writers finally met, “I told him,” Eco says grumpily, “he should give me royalties!”
At 83, Eco has the physical appearance of a long-term armchair detective. When I arrive at the London hotel bar where we have arranged to meet, he already looks well settled. Eco orders steak tartare and a couple of glasses of Chablis.
... Our conversation takes in, through no plan of mine, subjects ranging from Agatha
Christie to sex with animals, and a comparison of Mussolini with Beyoncé.
Later, I realise that its faintly absurdist quality must have been partly due to the fact that Eco, tired of asking me to repeat my question, had occasionally decided to answer a different one.
You can read the rest of the piece via the below link:

You can also read Umberto Eco's obituary in the Telegraph via the below link"

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