Sunday, October 11, 2020

Ralph Cipriano: What Are These Guys Doing Out On The Street?

Ralph Cipriano (seen in the below photo) at wonders why are killers still out on the street of Philadelphia. His answer? Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner’s pro-criminal views and policies. 

At 8 p.m. last night, a gunman opened fire on a crowd of men standing on the 4900 block of Frankford Avenue. One man was killed; six others were wounded.

All the victims were black males, but none were choir boys. Between them, the seven men had 51 prior arrests, including seven arrests for violations of the Uniform Firearms Act. As far as the shooter goes, nobody knows how many priors he's got, but hopefully, we'll find that out when he's in custody. 

In the last two days, there have been 17 shootings in Philadelphia, resulting in one murder, and many more victims in critical condition. The city is now up to 371 homicides, which puts us on a pace for 435 to 460 for the year. Meanwhile, in New York City, which has more than five times the population of Philadelphia, as of Oct. 4th, there were only 346 murders. 

Why are there so many murders in Philadelphia? The simple answer is that there are far too many dangerous guys who belong in jail, but instead are out on the streets of Philadelphia, shooting each other on a nightly basis. And who's responsible for emptying the city's jails? Anecdotal evidence, like what happened last night on Frankford Avenue, as well as a recent study, point to the one guy who's responsible for all this mayhem: District Attorney Larry Krasner. 

A study published in July by the pro-cop Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund  found that so-called social justice prosecutors like Krasner in six cities "have failed to successfully prosecute offenders, dropping or losing more cases than their predecessors," according to a foreword written by former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese III. 

"Vigorously and diligently pursuing law-breakers made our communities safer," Meese wrote about the not-so distant past when district attorneys existed to put people in jail. 

"Violent criminals who prey on innocents do not deserve to be coddled," Meese said in a direct rebuke of Krasner and his ilk. "Prosecutors who fail to hold them [criminals] accountable are derelict in their duty to justice." 

Meese was hoping the study would "serve as a wake-up call to our elected leaders, law enforcement officers, and the media that leftist ideas of social justice and true criminal justice are not compatible."  

"The duty of every prosecutor is to serve the public's interest, not their own," Meese wrote. "Ideological crusades have no place in the court of law, and criminal conduct cannot be sanctioned on personal whims." 


Meese was talking about Larry Krasner. The study looked at Krasner's first two years in office, 2018 and 2019, and compared them with the record of the D.A.'s office from 2014 to 2018. Most of that time Rufus Seth Williams was D.A., until 2017, when he went to jail for political corruption, and was replaced by interim D.A. Kelley Hodge.  

The study results are a disaster for Krasner. 

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