Friday, May 3, 2013

Cracking The Iceman Case

Jane Ridley at the New York Post offers a piece on the undercover cop who caught the criminal behind the new film, The Iceman.

Undercover agent Dominick Polifrone was never more on his guard than during the 18 months he built up a case against the so-called Iceman — after all, serial killer Richard Kuklinski’s favored method was to use a nasal spray bottle and spritz cyanide into his victims’ faces.

“No matter where I went with him, I wore this leather jacket with a pocket sewn inside containing a small-caliber weapon,” recalls Polifrone, who gained his target’s confidence and taped dozens of their conversations. “I knew that I was somewhere on his hit list. If he’d pulled out that nasal spray, I’d have to protect myself.”

That situation didn’t arise because the streetwise New Jersey cop gathered enough evidence before Kuklinski got suspicious. His testimony finally put the gargantuan 6-foot-4 gangland murderer behind bars.
Polifrone’s role in the story is dramatized in Ariel Vromen’s new movie, “The Iceman,” released today. It stars Michael Shannon and Ray Liotta.  

You can read the rest of the story via the below link:

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