Saturday, May 11, 2013

Former CIA Officer Charles McCarry Writes Novel That Takes On Spying In China

Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg at the Wall Street Journal offers an interview with Charles McCarry, author of one of my favorite spy thrillers, The Tears of Autumn.

Author Charles McCarry, sometimes described as the dean of American spy writers, tackles  America’s complex relationship with China in his new novel “The Shanghai Factor.”

Without revealing too much, Mr. McCarry uses a young American spy to provide a look inside a fictitious multi-billion dollar Chinese corporation and the power it wields across the globe.

Being on the inside is something Mr. McCarry knows firsthand: he worked overseas as a CIA agent under cover for about a decade. He’s also on record defending the CIA, writing an essay for this newspaper in 2009 under the headline “Let’s Give the CIA Its Due.”

“The Shanghai Factor”  is the latest in a string of spy books written by Mr. McCarry dating back to 1973. The author was interviewed by telephone. 

"The Shanghai Factor” is being published early next month by the Mysterious Press.

You can read the interview via the below link:

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