Thursday, May 30, 2013

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Calls In Feds To Review Deadly Force By Philly Cops

Sam Wood at offers a piece on the Philadelphia Police Commissioner request that the federal government review the shootings by Philadelphia cops.

With shootings by Philadelphia police rising to the highest level in over a decade, Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey has asked the Department of Justice to review the department's use of deadly force.

The request follows a story published May 14 documenting a 50-percent increase in the number of police shootings in 2012.

Police in Philadelphia shot 52 suspects last year. Of those, 15 people died. In 2011, police wounded or killed 35 people.

"When you have as many as we've had, it gets people wondering if they were all justified," Ramsey said. "We've been looking at this issue since December. The Civil Rights Division of the DOJ knows and agrees this is a good course of action."

You can read the rest of the story via the below link:

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