Saturday, December 5, 2015

My Crime Fiction Stories

Below are links to my crime stories, which were originally published in The Orchard Online Mystery Magazine and American Crime Magazine

The Small Timer

A Christmas Crime Story

Twas a Crime Before Christmas

Stick 'Em Down

The Big Move

Skinny's Street Fight

The Count and the Cook

The Cop Who Busted Santa 

Black Horse Pike

Old McDonald Had a Gun

It's Only a Job

I'm Pack Mule

Bozo's Last Stand: A Story of Stolen Valor

What's in a Nickname?

Murder by the Park

Crime Boat

Ruggerio Reimagined

The Horn of the Bull, Part One


Salvatore Lorino

The Old Huk

Join the Navy and See Olongapo

Byrne's Sitdown

Boots On The Ground

Bunco Bill

The 30-Day Detail

Cat Street

On Yankee Station

Officer Mack

The Cherry Boy

The Hit

Moretti the Money Man

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