Saturday, December 26, 2015

My Crime Beat Columns

Crime Q&A: My Interviews with Cops, Crooks & Crime Writers:

On Organized Crime:

On Cops:

On Ian Fleming/James Bond:

On Espionage:

On Terrorism:

On The Bug in the Philly Mayor's Office:

On Hemingway and Crime:

On Raymond Chandler:

On Elmore Leonard:

On Thriller Writer John le Carre:

On Thriller Writer Frederick Forsyth:

On Martin Scorsese's Film World of Crime:

On Thriller Writer Stephen Hunter:

On Crime Writer Ian Rankin:

On Thriller Writer Donald Hamilton/Matt Helm:

On True Crime Writer Arthur H. Lewis:

On The Philly Unicorn Killer:

On The Kitten Killers and How a Dog Guy Came to Adopt a Feral Kitten

Column Book Reviews:

Column Film Review:

Column TV Review

On Crime in the Military:

On The JFK Assassination:

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