Friday, January 30, 2015

Defense Department's Combined Federal Campaign Involvement Shows 'Spirit of Giving'

Terri Moon Cronk at the DoD News offers the below piece:

WASHINGTON, Jan. 29, 2015 - The Defense Department's involvement in the annual Combined Federal Campaign highlights the department's spirit of giving, Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work said today.

Work addressed military, civilian and contractor CFC campaign workers and contributors in the Pentagon auditorium and thanked them for "another successful CFC season" throughout DoD.

From stateside to overseas, DoD raised $18.8 million in CFC contributions this year, the deputy secretary said.

DoD-based contributors in the National Capital Area raised $10.5 million, with 15 of 24 individual campaigns exceeding their goals, he said, noting that overseas contributions totaled $8.3 million. CFC-eligible charities total 22,000 organizations.

"As Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel reminded us yesterday at his farewell ceremony ... DoD has one key solemn and sacred responsibility: ensuring the security of our great nation," Work said.

"To meet this responsibility, the men and women of this department ... share a simple, single mission, and that is to organize, train and equip a joint force that is ready for war but has operated forward to preserve global peace," he said.

'A Willingness to Give'

Service members, civilians and contractors represent the best of DoD, Work said, adding that it takes special people to dedicate themselves to lives of service and to make sacrifices like few other Americans.

"This giving nature extends from deployments in distant lands to right here within our own borders," Work said. "Sometimes it's reflected in our responses to natural disasters ... a willingness to contribute to communities ... and sometimes, like today, it's a willingness to give to those who are less fortunate."

CFC is the largest and most successful workplace-fundraising campaign "on the planet and DoD is a big reason why," he added.

And because DoD has historically been the campaign's biggest federal contributor in the nation, the deputy secretary said after the final accounting is done for 2014, he believes DoD "will again lead the pack."

DoD employees "demonstrate the generosity of spirit and dedication to service that infuses our entire shared enterprise we work in every day," Work said. "A spirit that continues [to be] strong, despite the budget uncertainty and upheavals that have occurred over the last three years."

The department's service members, civilians and contractors "represent the greatest organization in the world in my view: The Department of Defense," he said.

Note: As the civilian administrative officer of a Defense Department command in Philadelphia for more than 21 years, I oversaw security, safety, public affairs and other support programs for the organization.

I'm also proud to have served as the coordinator for the command's annual CFC campaign during those 21 years. We raised a good bit of money for a good number of charitable organizations. The late Mary Mitchell, a long-time Defense Department civilian employee who served on my team, was a valued CFC campaign worker.   

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