Sunday, February 2, 2020

My Washington Times 'On Crime' Columns

You can read my On Crime columns that appear weekly in the Washington Times via the below links:

Mark Bowden's The Case of the Vanishing Blonde and Other True Crime Stories

DEA Special Agent Lost River

Doctor Dealer

Ian Fleming's Inspiration

James Lee Burke A Private Cathedral

Former Scotland Yard Detective Flying Squad

Retired FBI Agent and FBI Myths

Michael Connelly on Fair Warning and Crime Reporter Character Jack McEvoy

Retired Navy SEAL Jack Carr on his "Savage Son" thriller.

Peter May's Global Pandemic Crime Thriller "Lockdown"

Franklin and Washington: America's First Spymasters

Richard Hughes Inspired Ian Fleming and John le Carre

A Look Back at the South Philly Mob

A Look Back at Spy Novelist Charles McCarry

James Lee Burke On His Dave Robicheaux Character

COVID-19 is the Stuff of Thrillers

Ben Macintyre On Ian Fleming and James Bond.

Sidney Lumet's Great Cop Films

Stephen Hunter On Guns and His Bob Lee Swagger Character

Steve Vogel's Interview With Cold War Spy George Blake

Real French Connection Cops: Legendary Detectives Sonny Grosso and Randy Jurgensen

Dashiell Hammett, Crime From Street To Paper

Otto Penzler, the Champion of Crime Stories

A Look Back at Joseph Wambaugh's The Onion Field

Was Ernest Hemingway a Soviet Spy?

A Look Back at Former NYPD Detective Frank Serpico

Craig Johnson and His Walt Longmire Character

Oldfellas: Frank Sheeran and The Irishman

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