Sunday, May 3, 2015

Former Bodyguard Unmasks Fidel Castro's Corrupt Double Life

The New York Post offers an excerpt from Juan Reinaldo Sanchez's book on Fidel Castro, the man he said he longed served as a bodyguard.

For 17 years, Juan Reinaldo Sanchez served as a bodyguard to Fidel Castro. But when he became disillusioned with the Cuban dictator’s hypocrisy and tried to retire in 1994, Castro had him thrown in prison. Sanchez made 10 attempts to escape the island, finally making it to Mexico by boat, then across the Texas border in 2008. Now he reveals all in his new book, “The Double Life of Fidel Castro.” In this excerpt, Sanchez explains how he lost faith in the revolution — and “El Jefe.”

You can read the excerpt via the below link:

Note: I believe Satan has a special spot all warmed up in Hell for this commmunist dictator, murderer and criminal.

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  1. And when he gets to Hell, Che Guevara will welcome him either with open arms or a machete.